"The world is feeling, knowing, thinking itself through the beings that compose it” - Vinciane Despret

We are all looped in and around one another's lives, a metaphor for describing this could perhaps be water. All bioenergy life forms contain a certain amount of fluid, the fluid migrates around the body. When dying, this fluid leaves the body. Therefore, I see it as we are watery bodies migrating through existence over and over again, transient lamina forms. When we eat we absorb nutrients, into our microbiome, when we die these nutrients are passed on elsewhere. It is a cycle of webbed ecologies living and dying together, what remains are our stories, these stories migrate through air, through time, this swirling force between earth and sky. Stories have a life of their own, growing and retracting, sometimes lying dormant, and sometimes going extinct. Some stories are potentially harmful to others, and other stories have the ability to illuminate spaces, beings, events overlooked, or the less known. 

Victoria is an artist, illustrator and divemaster from Hampshire living in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Her work circles about the themes of folklore, mythology, and the natural world.

During September 2018 Victoria graduated from Falmouth School of Art with a distinction in MA Illustration: Authorial Practice