"The world is feeling, knowing, thinking itself through the beings that compose it” - Vinciane Despret

I am interested in our connection to the more than human world, interconnectedness through being, making, storytelling and imagining. Imagining umwelt, imagining the life of another - imagining what it is like to be them and what they are connected with. Does storytelling have the ability to ensoul beings or living systems and make us fall in love with the world? In this age of the Anthropocene and the sixth mass extinction, I think telling stories about others and ourselves is very important, thinking about the webbed ecologies that we are apart of. What kind of new narratives can we as a species/ interspecies create together? Illuminating one another, invisible and visible systems, moving as one.

Edward O. Wilson theorises in his book ‘The Biophilia Hypothesis’ that it is unlikely that mankind can be severed from its original animal human relations. Wilson puts forwards the theory of gene culture coevolution that occurred through the evolutionary time of deep history. Repetitive exposure to potential threats causing emotional responses from animal visitations, these became weaved into story telling and metaphors.

I am interested in Folk stories, past and present, and how whether some have the capability to shift and change meaning with time. I mean to explore the narrative that exists between the stories and the landscape, seascape also along with the inhabitants of the land, water, and air.

A rewebbing, retelling of our ecologies? What stories is the nonhuman world telling us? A new augury is perhaps seen when we read the bodies of those washed up on beaches, filled with discarded plastics, the empty belly of a land stricken albatross.

The animal body, water, landscape, seascape, myth, storytelling, folklore, magic, psyche and ecopsychology. I am interested in the idea of being in the psyche, and the psyche in us. Animals entering into our psyche through dreams and everyday life as James Hillman and Margot McLean discuss in ‘Dream Animals’ 97’ as well as animals, other phenomena as discussed by Patrick Harpur in his book ‘Daimonic Reality’ 94’.

Looped in and around one another's lives, a metaphor for describing this could perhaps be water. All bioenergy life forms contain a certain amount of fluid, the fluid migrates around the body. When dying, this fluid leaves the body. Therefore, I see it as we are watery bodies migrating through existence over and over again, transient lamina forms. When we eat we absorb nutrients, into our microbiome, when we die these nutrients are passed on elsewhere. It is a cycle of webbed ecologies living and dying together, what remains are our stories, these stories migrate through air, through time, this swirling force between earth and sky. Stories have a life of their own, growing and retracting, sometimes lying dormant, and sometimes going away. Some stories are potentially harmful to others, and other stories have the ability to illuminate spaces, beings, events overlooked, or the less known. 

Victoria Lucy Williams
B. 1986, Southampton, UK

2016-2018 MA Illustration: Authorial Practice, Falmouth University, Cornwall, I graduated last September with a distinction for my final project & dissertation essay.

2015 PADI Divemaster Internship, three months living and diving on the island of Lanzarote in Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain. Learning about diving, and learning to guide dives, conservation and drawing wrecks underwater.

Collective Exhibitions

The Cruel & Curious, National Trust Barns, Stowe Barton, Bude, September 2019

On the Brink, Poetry & Illustration event surrounding the plight of the the Cornish Path Moss. February, 2019

Seeing Voices. Poetry & Illustration Collective Exhibition. The Poly Arts Centre, Falmouth, Cornwall. November, 2018

Nexus. End of year MA Illustration: Authorial Practice Show. Falmouth School of Art. Cornwall, September, 2018


A Suitcase full of Eels, Guillemot Press 2018. Eel illustration submitted and published along with various many other illustrator artists exposing and exploring the plight of the critically endangered European eel. For more information please visit

The New Manifesto, Zine, 2018. An exciting and beautifully made zine. My manifesto was printed along with ‘Email to the Editor’. Please visit Alex’s website if you would like to know more.

Mouth, Atlantic Press official publication of the 2018 MA Authorial Practice Illustration Forum. A collection of poetry and imagery responding to the word ‘mouth’. My poem ‘The Eel’ and brush pen eel drawings. March 2018