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Hello, I am a creative practitioner based on the Cornish coast, England, UK.
Alongside my practice, I have experience working creatively with the public of various ages in an outdoor and indoor setting as well as working with and alongside schools.

During my youth my first job was as a volunteer at a large animal sanctuary, where I spent many weekends and school holidays assisting with animal care, anything ranging from cleaning hooves to bringing in herds of donkeys, gathering chickens and the many white rabbits that lived amongst them, none which were never lucky enough to find homes, as they were all large, white and with red eyes and dispensed to us from local laboratories where they used animals for testing. 

Intertwined with my creative practice have been many years spent working for the countryside service as an outdoor education assistant between two extensive outdoor rural and woodland sites situated on the south coast of Hampshire. The mission was to ignite a sense of play and wonder in the outdoor environment. This involved welcoming young people of various ages to the sites and actively engaging in the outdoors through a means of workshops, arts and storytelling practices.
I have always had a lifelong love and interest in conservation so in 2015 I took a sabbatical and moved to the island of Lanzarote to complete a divemaster internship. Here I completed extensive training and became a certified night diver, rescue diver, and divemaster. I love the underwater world and feel very passionate about doing all we can to rectify the damage that has been done.
In 2016 I relocated to Falmouth in order to complete a masters degree in Authorial illustration.